Better Performance and Metric Downloads Are Available

We know that has been slow. We're sorry.

As the service has grown, it hasn't been able to keep up with the amount of users - now more than 10,000. We’re grateful for your support, and we have some good news to share.

We just finished completely re-engineering the back-end of the site to fix the slow speeds.

Additionally, the back-end improvements have allowed us to re-enable the CSV export function we had to take offline back in 2010. We hoped disabling the CSV export would be temporary, but it took us longer than expected to find a permanent solution to the problem. Again, we’re sorry.

We're also happy to report that these improvements include a frequently requested change: metrics will now exclude search engine bot traffic. We can't promise that all bot traffic will be blocked, but we have taken steps to exclude the major search engines. This change only applies to metrics collected after the changes were launched on August 21, 2013. We are not able to retroactively apply it to metrics tallied before the change.

We hope you're enjoying the improved speed and metrics, and we're incredibly grateful to you for sticking with us as we figured it all out. Please let us know if you see anything that looks unusual or if you have questions.