Introducing URLs

As of last Friday, whenever anyones uses or any service that uses’s API to shorten a .gov or .mil URL, they will receive a short URL in return. and collaborated to provide this service to create a better user experience for people who interact with the government online. Now it will be even easier for people to know when a short URL will direct them to a trustworthy official U.S. government site. Many other organizations have similar arrangements with, including C-SPAN, NPR, Facebook, and The Economist.   We will still maintain as an option for government employees to use as a URL shortener, and URLs will continue to work. We will continue to maintain and enhance in the future.   Like,’s tracking system gives us real-time insight into what government content people are sharing online. We are working to make click data from URLs available through Here's a list of the most popular popular URLs from the past week:

  1. 4,592 clicks — NASA - Dallas Family's Tradition Boosts NASA for 100 Flights
  2. 3,593 clicks — NASA - 'Elephant Trunks' in Space
  3. 3,531 clicks — NASA - Multimedia - Video Gallery
  4. 3,239 clicks — Air Force officials identify Frankfurt Airport shooting deaths
  5. 3,160 clicks — Human Space Flight (HSF) - Realtime Data
  6. 2,901 clicks — Magnitude 6.6 - SOLOMON ISLANDS
  7. 1,979 clicks — NASA - Captured From the Ground
  8. 1,915 clicks — Air Force Week in Photos
  9. 1,720 clicks — PDF of presentation by Rep Paul Ryan
  10. 1,702 clicks — NASA - Anchored

We'll be sharing information on popular links more regularly on the blog. We hope you find them interesting and useful.   Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about any of our short URLs.