Great ideas from our users at last week’s Government Web and New Media Conference

The team held an unconference session at last week’s Government Web and New Media Conference. Thanks to everyone who attended and for all of your great suggestions. Here’s a list of the ideas we heard:

Suggestions for improvement

  • Create API for creating shortened URLs
  • Enable unregistered users to create shortened URLs
  • Provide more flexibility for metrics
  • Create an API to access metrics so that social media dashboards can be created
  • Create a macro or program that will auto-shorten URLs in e-mail clients
  • Shorten the length of the URL ( instead of
  • Add a reverse lookup function to the site (and API) so that users can preview the full URL from a shortened URL
  • Allow people to shorten REALLY long URLs

Other ideas

  • Create a single government tweet-scheduling application/service
  • Start a discussion thread for on
  • Use Twitter for service updates and announcements

We’re happy to announce that we’ve moved forward with the Twitter account. You can now follow us on Twitter at @GoUSAgov.

Did we capture all of your ideas? If not, please contact us or leave a comment below.

Also, if you weren't at the conference you can find a copy of the one-sheet that we handed out on the new 2010 Web & New Media Conference Resources page.